Three is a crowd, says Tinder.

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Popular dating app TINDER is threatening to sue 3nder, a smaller rival app targeting curious couples interested in threesomes, for allegedly infringing Tinder´s trademark and taking unfair advantage of its reputation.

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3nder is employing unconventional means to fight back, i.e. they are urging their users to respond on Twitter by posting sock pics with the hashtag #TinderSuckMySocks. One has to admire the sass and resourcefulness of the “lil man”, but the law will most likely side with the giant.

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Tinder is claiming phonetic similarity. Unfortunately for 3nder, the app names do bear aural similarity. If we add Tinder's enhanced distinctiveness and the fact that both apps offer similar services, the outlook for 3nder is quite gloomy. Founder Dimo Trifonov referred to his own app as “Tinder for Threesomes” on in 2015. Gigantic corporation or not, Tinder is playing by the rules and will most likely prevail.

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Lesson learned:

Consult an IP expert before you stamp a trademark on your project.

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